Back At School📓

Ok today is my first day of term two, (of school) and I had an amazing holiday! To be honest, it’s going to continue on the 26th of April, for I am going to Queensland for a holiday. I feel like I’m being spoiled which I probably am. Anyways in Queensland I’m gonna go see all/most of the theme parks there, it will be a great experience for me. One about me is that I love puzzles 🧩 . I hope you enjoyed this post remember to keep following up, bye 👋.


Ok soo it so the end of day one in Denham, and let me tell you it was a long drive! Can you imagine being stuck in a car for nine hours, and only getting three walks out of the car. It felt like forever however, it was definitely worth it. Denham is nice but, they didn’t tell us the ground was going to be so hard  so tommorow were going to find a hardware shop, to get these screw pegs to plug in the gazebo. Catch you next time bye!


Ok I’m back but I kinda forgot to blog I guess I’m doing it now. Soo I just got back to my dads house and I was sat Shellys’ and I played with my two dogs Milly and Kodis I enjoyed it lots. I also played Don my tablet and went on robox to make my self appreciate the moment so ya I had fun, and now I’m gonna call my friend. If you got this far thanks for reading catch you later!


I’m back this is the second day of me blogging so I’m starting to get the hang of it today is Thursday afternoon and I’m on my term one two week holiday (yay). I’m currently with my dad I’m meant to be packing for one night at Shelly’s, AKA my step mum, but it’s ok I can do it later. Any ways on Monday I’m going to shark Bay with my mum sadly I have to wake up at four thirty because we have to be on the road at five thirty but I will still blog when I’m in shark Bay and I’ll upload photos. That all I have to say so seee you at Shelly’s bye (as in on Saturday now actually bye).